Red Path


Mghila Mountain is an extremely poor and isolated region in the northwest of Tunisia. November 2015. When a group of men attack two young shepherds and decapitate one of them, 13-year-old Achraf is forced to bring the severed head of his cousin Nizar to the family as a gruesome message. Traumatized and trying not to lose his mind, Achraf realizes that the ghost of his cousin is following him and seems determined to accompany him in his mourning. But when confronted with the helplessness of his elders who have been abandoned by the authorities, Achraf is torn between his desire to hold on to Nizar for a little while longer and his duty to lead the men of the family into the mountains to help them retrieve the body and bury it with dignity. Inspired by real events and deeply rooted in a ruthless social context, Red Path is a dreamlike journey into the wounded psyche of a child and his incredible ability to overcome trauma.