Detective Bruno


The arrogant star of hit TV series ‘Detective Bruno’ is an obnoxious and self-centred actor who is about to be fired from the show because of his unpopularity. He’s desperate to stay on TV and will do anything to win back his fans. 8-year-old orphan Oskar is Detective Bruno’s biggest fan and longs to be just like his TV hero. On his birthday, Oskar receives a mysterious clue for a treasure hunt left behind by his late parents. He runs away and convinces his TV idol Detective Bruno to help him solve the clues. This is the opportunity Bruno has been waiting for to boost his popularity and restore his image. Together, Bruno and Oskar begin a chaotic urban adventure across Warsaw in search of answers. And they also start to discover the truth about themselves. Bruno must change his selfish ways, and Oskar needs to try and accept the loss of his parents. When their quest seems about to fail, a transformed Bruno is the one person who can reveal the final treasure that will heal Oskar’s heart.